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Was created to help people just like you launch a freelancing career that will put you in charge of your time and earning capabilities. Created by a former middle school teacher, turned freelancer and digital nomad (at 35-something countries and counting), it's by someone who has been there, done that! (Though no t-shirts please, they won't fit in my suitcase!)

It is crammed full of in-depth posts and trainings on all the things you need to know to ditch your 9-5, figure out what to do a as a freelancer, learn to hone your skills, understand how to find clients, how to deal with all the nitty gritty admin side of freelancing, to up and traveling the world while you work.

In addition to all of these you'll have direct access to everyone else in the community to help you achieve the most incredible freelancing career you can imagine!

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  • You'll ditch the feeling of wondering "where they heck are my people?" (We're here, waiting for you!)
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  • Figure out what skills you have to offer that could translate into freelancing
  • Find amazing clients that value you and are so happy to work with you for the long term.
  • Learn how to get inside of client's minds and understand their needs so that you can meet those
  • Understand all the little annoying admin-y  things that go into setting up a freelance business
  • Take your freelancing on the road and travel the world

  • Leverage the power of a network to constantly get connected to new opportunities all over the world

  • Connect with a global community of like-minded people around the world building a freelance & digital nomad lifestyle 

  • Have incredible conversations with others and get direct support and answers for your unique experience.

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